Don’t put it on me….

The stress I had in Paris made a decision to go for a week to ( Frankfurt am main) in Germany best place  to have different holiday for new year , not like  every year waiting for fire works near  Eiffel Tower or near the concord to see the traffic gem and a lot of people waiting for 12 o’clock kiss. I prepare my luggage at night and slept early , to catch  first train. I arrived at  station early but still I have to wait for a long Quo. I brought the ticket felt happy waiting to be in train  soon .

          Almost 3 hours by TGV  train, i arrived on time, I went to the Hotel I usually go to, without booking , the reception lady face me with ugly smile for that reason. But at least I was accepted .

         The second day I went to the city center and  I visited the old Frankfurt  village . I liked the food in Germany it has different taste than any other country.

          I went shopping every where I brought what I like .  I watched chipmunks part two  movie, I brought a return ticket one week before with  a very good price  which made me feel proud I have done one  good thing once. 🙂 smart way.

          The lady at the reception asked me how many days will be my stay ,  I answered  her  I will be staying  for a week . So I gave her my visa card to pay whole amount on time , but it was surprise to me  not working  .  😦 I  was shocked I told her I need to check my bank account see you later ,I left immediately to the nearest bank and I tried for less amount with drawl  but no doubt it says not accepted again . Thinking what to do ? How I would pay ?

           It was 25th. of December, Merry Christmas everyone Yasmin is celebrating it with adventures.

 Well done Yasmin. What  would I  do Am I going to stay one more week here till my problem solved ? No way my pressure will be down  but my bill of the Hotel will be high. what about my gorges teacher my colleges in class at Mba institute, my home , my Paris my joys, my bags my shopping my loveable people are waiting for me ? Am I going to stay more than that? I will miss them so much.

        I was laughing so much with my sister when I mention it while we were chatting  and after her sweet call made me felt relaxed . She keep telling me you are so funny .

          The day was Saturday  means all banks close , the next day was Sunday which means I have no faults also day off. .. to stay two more days doing nothing no money no honey . What a lovely holiday !! Am sure my account is full of money  something wrong with the bank or with machines ,,it might be the machines are empty of money after Christmas it’s my  guess .  In Sunday thought it was Monday  I slept all day at the hotel,  I had high fever the weather was very cold and from walking from bank to bank ,  the other day  I went  to the bank still no money . Oh dear. I asked my sister to send me some money and she did by the western Union bank , my case was unusual it never happened to me,  I received transferred money at once.

          I went directly to the hotel I paid the bill . Now I can breath .

           I waked up early the other day , I arrived on time to the station . I tried my visa card again for the last moment in Germany , wow  it works . That’s un usual ,  I had money cash .. I was more than happy but that was last and  surprise as well.

        The reason was the people were on holiday , most of the machines were empty because a lot of shopping at Christmas eve. That’s why I keep saying  It was not my fault . That’s why I call my story not my fault.

                       Happy New year  full of

                            faith , joys , understanding , laugh , happiness , care , share the best with fair

                             mostly  peace with lots of money in all accounts,  & No more faults.



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